<VV> Request for opinions regarding technical archive at virtualcorvairclub.com

Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Tue Oct 4 11:18:43 EDT 2005

Follow the layout in the Technical Manual put out by CORSA.  One could then
add to the manual as he sees fit.

Keith Hammett

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Hi Gang,

Now that the archive is almost complete, I am going to begin organizing
it... moving all of the off-topic material to another sub-forum (away from
the technical material) and I'd like some opinions.  Here is what I'm
thinking about for the breakdown (hierarchical structure) of the material:

Technical Archive Forum
    Engine sub-Forum
    Suspension sub-Forum
    Drivetrain sub-Forum
    Body sub-Forum
    Frequently Asked Questions sub-Forum

Off-Topic Archive Forum

My purpose is two-fold.  First, I'd like to get the Off-Topic material
separated from the technical material because the forum is so large, search
response times will be sped up if I can put the off-topic material in its
own sub-forum.

Secondly, if the technical material is in separate categories, users could
browse the material without having to do a search... which could be very
useful if users don't know what to search for, or are simply browsing to
gain knowledge.

Here's how you can help.  If you have suggestions for how I break down the
technical material (engine, suspension, drivetrain, etc) I would like to
hear your suggestions.  I want the breakdown to be granular enough to be
useful but not so fine that it is cumbersome to users.


Joe West

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