<VV> Police Harassment / Antique Plates

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Tue Oct 4 11:21:28 EDT 2005

 However, if for whatever reason the car is involved 
in an accident which was shown to have been caused by the failure of 
a piece of equipment that a VA safety inspection would have 
uncovered, it's your ass.

It is the vehicle owner/operator's responsibility to insure that his 
vintage vehicle is indeed roadworthy, or all bets are off.   Get into 
an accident because the brakes let go due to a busted hose that the 
inspector would have flunked you for, and you stand liable to be sued 
within an inch of your life and your insurance company may not cover you.

Check your vintage-registered car and make sure it's roadworthy, or else.

And yes there are still cops who don't know about vintage 
registration regs although they're getting fewer these days; I have a 
copy of vintage regs in the glovebox, so far so good.


If you're in an accident because something fails it's your ass no matter what.  Just because your car got inspected doesn't mean it's fine for 1 year.  Anything can happen.  What looks fine today may fail tomorrow.  

My brakes locked up right after I bought the car due to bad hoses which looked just fine on the outside.  As far as I know the inspectors aren't taking the flex lines off to look inside. 

I agree vintage car owners should be vigilant about making sure their car is roadworthy but so should people with regular registrations.  don't count on the inspections only.


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