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Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Tue Oct 4 11:23:44 EDT 2005

>  I've heard some people remark that
>the '65-67 Corvairs were arguably the best handling cars you could
>buy in the USA at the time and that only the '68-up Corvettes would
>actually do better and even then not by a lot.

Probably true but keep in mind that the street tires you could buy at the 
time were *terrible* (in the words of Bill Neely, "Not even safe in the 
driveway". Today I shudder to think about what I used to do on that kind of 

68 (15x7) and 69 (15x8) Corvettes were the first to get wide enough wheels 
to support really hard cornering with the extra contact patch tires 
becoming available in the late 60s. To do better you had to buy real racing 
tires (10.45x15s were great for autocrossing).

So in the era of the Corvair, it is not unlikely that a Covair on 7.00x13s 
would outhandle a Corvette on equivalent 7.00x15s though there is a reason 
that Stingers were in SCCA class D while small block Corvettes were in B 
and big blocks in A and its name is cubic inches.


(Somewhat fanatical about a B/P Corvette in a different life) 

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