<VV> Police Harassment / Antique Plates

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Oct 4 17:57:04 EDT 2005

At 08:21 hours 10/04/2005, mhicks130 at cox.net wrote:
>  However, if for whatever reason the car is involved
>in an accident which was shown to have been caused by the failure of
>a piece of equipment that a VA safety inspection would have
>uncovered, it's your ass.
>If you're in an accident because something fails it's your ass no 
>matter what.  Just because your car got inspected doesn't mean it's 
>fine for 1 year.  Anything can happen.  What looks fine today may 
>fail tomorrow.

I was talking about worn out brakes, bald tires, ball joints held 
together by a film of grease, steer gear falling off a rusted-through 
frame member... obvious stuff, not fluke failures.

>My brakes locked up right after I bought the car due to bad hoses 
>which looked just fine on the outside.  As far as I know the 
>inspectors aren't taking the flex lines off to look inside.
>I agree vintage car owners should be vigilant about making sure 
>their car is roadworthy but so should people with regular 
>registrations.  don't count on the inspections only.

My comment was about ignoring or overlooking via apathy obvious 
issues which a safety inspection would have grounded the vehicle 
for.   It's these things that the vintage vehicle operator need worry 
about, and do their own safety inspection *often*.


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