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> So in the era of the Corvair, it is not unlikely that a Covair on 7.00x13s 
> would outhandle a Corvette on equivalent 7.00x15s though there is a reason 
> that Stingers were in SCCA class D while small block Corvettes were in B 
> and big blocks in A and its name is cubic inches.
> Padgett

But a 65 Monza with light 14x6" Fenton  alloys and ER60x14's  would better a 
63 Vette with 15x7 Rallys and FR70x15's

Same road....same drivers.....wife and I switched back and forth....

Corvair would always pull thru corners....Vette  never  could get it off it's 

Road?     8 miles of Hwy 78   from Weekend Villas  to San Pasqual Valley...8 
miles...downhill.....short straights.........true Handling test...HP  meant 

Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Mr. DeckRug
69 Monza Cpe., 66 Monza vert, 65 Crown v8 Cpe.
Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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