<VV> Happy Birthday Corvair????

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 5 00:51:30 EDT 2005

All I was able to do Sunday was to take the Noah cover off and sit in 
my garaged sedan this afternoon and think about the last five years and 
wonder about the "what ifs".   After $6500 and over 300 hours of my 
labor and travel time going back and forth to where it was garaged and 
just running around looking for locally obtainable parts and tools, and 
the blood, sweat, and bruises of assistant-mechanicing on a car that 
was for all intents and purposes "road ready" when my father passed 
what if my piss-ant ex-brother had not sabotaged the engine by pouring 
water in the heads and gas tank,
what if I had been able to get possession of the car and detect the 
water sooner,
what if the original rebuild had been done correctly,
what if I had more resources and time to devote to the project of the 
second rebuild which will have taken a year on November 5th (the last 
and only day I've ever driven the car)

There has been at least one Corvair, and often after '74 when my father 
started collecting them, many (both late and earlies), FC's, Rampys, 
(strangely never a Lakewood) in my immediate family for all but seven 
of the last forty-five years that there have been Corvairs.

It's on my shoulders, now, to see that the tradition continues by 
getting the only car of my dad's collection that was kept, back on the 
road where it belongs!

As depressing as Sunday was, my resolve to see this project through 
will remain as unyielding as ever.

Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas
Corvairium II

Mid prod. #18732 -1965 Monza sedan 110 (still closer to 0 though the 
engine is in fewer pieces)
Sierra Tan, originally (currently Copper) - Saddle, zero rust, PG, A/C, 
original AM/FM, clock, tint, oil bath air filter, vertical bumper 
guards, w/ 77K (and continuing to hold)
(Still in group red : ( 

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