<VV> Happy Birthday Corvair????

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Wed Oct 5 01:30:00 EDT 2005

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> As depressing as Sunday was, my resolve to see this project through 
> will remain as unyielding as ever.

That's the attitude!  Perseverance!    Also, as you gain experience...things 
will become cheaper to do....easier / faster.....

It  breaks my heart to see folks like yourself  $6500  for a car in the 
family,  2 plus years......300 hours.....and nothing to drive!

Just keep going....

Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Mr. DeckRug
69 Monza Cpe., 66 Monza vert, 65 Crown v8 Cpe.
Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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