<VV> Re:Need some advice on LM Yoke Breakage

Bill Wells brierpath at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 08:16:33 EDT 2005

It sounds to me like you are seeing proof of the yoke and side gear/nut moving out of parallel. When using the stock suspension setup, with the through bolt, you have tied the yoke side gear and nut together. The "cocking"loads of the yoke are absorbed by the side gear. In your current setup, the side gear/nut will move in a plane determined by spider gear load and the condition of your carrier.The yoke is free to react to torque. You probably have some wear of the carrier yoke bore. I see the same wear on FCs on the passenger side(short stub). I think that over time the axle yoke and the side gear/nut moved in and out of alignment enough to fatigue the yoke.The portion of the nut that protrudes into the yoke caused this.
Perhaps you should have removed the nut as advised:) FWIW
Good Luck,
Bill Wells
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>Chuck S wrote:
Folks, I need your advice on why the driver's side yoke on the '66 
failed. This is a track car with reasonable horsepower and "jarring" 
The car uses an upper and lower control arm and therefore floats the 
without a bolt holding the yoke in. The axle is no longer the upper 
arm.  The "U Joint Yoke (UJY) nuts" were left in the carrier, but not 
down.  The yoke on the #89 was broken in the splines, outward from the 
end, an amount equal to the depth of the "UJY nut" that sticks in the 
hole.  Recall the "UJY nut" has the inboard end which is flat with 25 
"teeth" to mate with the inner splines of the side gear. On the 
side, which mates to the yoke, there is a cylindrical portion which 
inside the yoke, and when the long bolt is tightened to the threaded 
hole in 
the "UJY nut", it draws the two together, with the "UJY nut" teeth 
the  portion of the inner splines of the side gear.  It cannot go all 
way in, because there is a larger diameter on the "UJY nut" which butts 
agains the side gear. I have been told when floating the axle, ro 
remove the 
" UJY nuts".

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