<VV> Confusion on name GoVairs

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Wed Oct 5 15:16:22 EDT 2005

Ned - There is no problem with a generic name like "roundup" - On the 
other hand if your club was made up of herbicide afficianados and 
referred to your meet as a "Roundup" I suspect that you might be in 
trouble. Unca Lonald

aeroned at aol.com wrote:

>FWIW we just had our first event here, The Great Plains Corvair Roundup. We selected that name from several that were submitted. We felt that it reflected the heritage of the region and indicated that a bunch (herd?) of Corvair were getting together. We picked the name without relizing that there are at least two other "Roundups." Does that matter? I doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother them.

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