<VV> Confusion on name GoVairs

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Wed Oct 5 13:29:29 EDT 2005

   Yeah, it's sort of the same as if  someone had decided to use the 
name "Pepsi" Corvair club and then commented - "Gee we're apparently 
sharing the same name". Guess what would happen next? Cecil, you and 
Titus etc have been around this venue a long time and I find it odd 
that, out of all the names you could have picked,  you're using GoVair, 
which is not only a wesite my company uses but an entire line of 
performance and custom parts I've been selling for the past 10 years. 
Neither of you know that - oh come now. (We won't even get into your use 
of the name Waterless Wonders)
    Titus should change his email from GoVair at aol.com to 
clarkscorvair at aol.com. (With equal wide-eyed wonderment)  What do you 
suppose would happen next? I'm not about to sue a Corvair club but, as I 
told Titus in a letter about a year ago (yes - he is WELL aware of the 
situation, I'm surprised he hasn't let you in on it) simple courtesy 
amongst fellow club members ought to reign supreme here. What say the 
rest of the VV community?

Lon Wall

Ewell Mills wrote:

>There seems to be some confusion regarding the name GoVairs.  Lon (Corvair Underground) has a webb site that he calls "GoVairs", and the Corvair club in St. Cloud, Fl. (Greater Orlando Corvair Club) apparently are sharing the same name.
>After my post about Driving your Corvair day and the Charity show put on this past week-end by GoVairs in Old Town, Fl. (the club) Lon appears to have jumped in to take credit for a successful show that he had nothing to do with.  Guess somebody has to get this straightened out.  Did you have a successful show this past week-end also Lon?  If so I stand corrected, in which case both you and  GoVairs (the club) can both be congratulated.
>Cecil Mills
>Cocoa, Fl.

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