<VV> What's in a name

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Wed Oct 5 15:29:38 EDT 2005

> >There seems to be some confusion regarding the name GoVairs.  Lon 
> (Corvair Underground) has a web site that he calls "GoVairs", and the 
> Corvair club in St. Cloud, Fl. (Greater Orlando Corvair Club) apparently 
> are sharing the same name.

Well not quite. Lon appears to have registered govairs.com (GOVAIRS) in 
2000 (for some reason I could not get it to resolve). Meanwhile the Greater 
Orlando club (Titus) registered govairs.net (G.O.Vairs) in 2004. Different 
domains with different purposes (I usually register with a .us domain 
because it says something about me). To someone who has a number of 
different domains, these are very different sites.

Now I doubt that a local club is going to be commercial competition for 
Lon, particularly since his establishment is about as far away as you can 
get and still be in CONUS, I have never had any problems with confusion 
between padgett.com (a printer in Texas) and padgett.ws (mine - the .us was 
already taken).

Still the problem seems be whether or not Lon feels there is a conflict 
with a charity show put on last weekend in Florida.

Is there ?

ps I was there and it was a grand day out. 

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