<VV> corvair document printing

Kevin Spargur southernheritage at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 5 22:47:01 EDT 2005

To All:

I found three places today where I can scan the microfiche, one of them 
is letting me do it for free.  The down side is that there are some 
photographs which did not reproduce well when the NHTSA/TIS burned the 
microfiche and they're not reproducing very well, literally 
undecipherable.  All of the text appears to be scanning very well.  I 
got the first 14 pages scanned and printed this afternoon, before I ran 
out of time, and will be returning in the morning to finish everything.  
If they had a CD burner, I could save the images to a CD and do 
everything else here at home.  I would use my little USB jump drive but 
it only holds 8mb and there are 134 pages in the document.  Oh well... I 
can live with having to print out each page since they are allowing me 
to do it for free.  Once I get everything scanned in here at home, I'm 
gonna start indexing everything and preping it to send to those 
interested and then placing it on the web for anyone else down the road.

I'll keep y'all informed as to the progress.

Kevin Spargur
'67 Monza 2-dr HT
lookin fer a '60 car for next project

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