<VV> Turbo Odyssey Part 23 -- Hits and Misses

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Wed Oct 5 11:23:18 EDT 2005

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Right now I am working on getting the motor running and getting my interior
completed. Work goes well on one front and on the other, well....

I can't seem to figure out why I can't get the motor running properly. If it
sits awhile it will start at a high RPM and then continue increasing revs
until I shut it down. The first step was to back off the timing. That seemed
to work at first but eventually it would stall and the motor would crank as
though it was flooded. This cycle has happened repeatedly.

The gas pedal seems to have no effect.

I replaced the carb with a Clarks rebuild before we put the motor back in
the car.

Here's what I have done so far: I checked the idle mixture screw, turned it
until it lightly seated and backed it out 3/4 of a turn. I made sure the
idle speed screw was not turned way down. I rotated the cover of the choke
until it was in the same position as my old carb's choke cover. I
disconnected the fuel return line where the rubber hose from the engine
compartment connects to the metal line. I then blew compressed air down the
line. I could see gas rushing through the Temporary Clear Plastic Fuel
Filter of Great Controversy (or TCPFFCC for short) and gas came rushing out
of the return line from the fuel filter in the engine compartment, so I know
that my fuel lines are clear.

I have inspected the throttle linkage. The throttle lever on the carb is in
the correct, closed position. When I pull on the throttle rod in the engine
compartment, I can see the accelerator pedal dropping to the floor.
So I think that covers everything I know. I am open for suggestions. I am
thinking that the next step will be to put the old carb back on the motor,
which I know was working when I first got the car.

As for the interior, Monday night I installed the driver's door window. Last
night I got the last window, right quarter, installed and aligned. About
that time my friend Bruce Weeks stopped by and helped me to install the trim
that goes around the convertible top well. We then installed some sound
deadening material I bought in the bottom of the well. This stuff is like
Dynamat, only cheaper. I didn't have time to take pictures last night, but I
plan on using the stuff throughout the interior, and there will be pictures
and a more detailed report on that aspect of the project later.

This morning I dropped the Corsa off at the trim shop to have the seat
covers and convertible top installed. It may be done as soon as tomorrow. I
expect this to make a dramatic difference. Once that's done and I have the
motor to sort out, there are a about a dozen or so niggling details to take
care of, the carpet and trim pads, and I should be close to done.

Although I don't have any pictures for this post, yesterday, Dan Konkle
emailed me the pictures he took the day we installed the motor. Here's me
de-griming some part, probably a u-joint saddle:


This is the dummy powertrain Dan graciously provided for me, ready to return


And here I am taking calls in the engine compartment:


No wonder I never get anything done.

Norm Witte

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