<VV> Document Printing Update

Kevin Spargur southernheritage at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 6 18:21:51 EDT 2005

To All,

It is official now... I spent ~3 hours today printing out the pages from 
the microfiche and now have the entire document in printed form.  The 
next step is going to be to REscan each page, index it and get it ready 
for distribution on CD-ROM and the internet.  I am also trying to get a 
copy of the January 1971 panel report that was conducted, during the 
ongoing study, simply to shut Nader up.  When everything is completed, I 
will have both documents digitized and available on request either in 
print, on the internet, or both.  Once the website is up, these 
documents will be viewable and printable from there.

In the interim, please be patient and let me know if you want or need a 
section of the document before the project is completed.  I will e-mail 
you the requested section ASAP.

Until later...

Happy Corvairing!!!!!!!

Kevin Spargur
'67 Monza 2-dr HT
looking for that 1960 (any model!)

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