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N. Joseph Potts pottsf at msn.com
Thu Oct 6 20:02:49 EDT 2005

Well, Bill, I'm out fair and square, I guess. I hope your father-in-law
approved, or did he say, "What a nut case!"
     Far be it from me to post ANY such thing on VV, but at the bottom of
the article your link goes to, one can access an ARCHIVE of my Daily
Articles. I've got ten or more at this point. Among them, I'm sure EVERY
member of VV could find at least one to get royally PO'ed at - they all
incline to controversy, like the one you linked to.
     But regarding that one, the book it reviews implies that we'll have no
enduring difficulty procuring motive power for our beloved Corvairs (and
other vehicles, in that order), at least not until there's nothing else
around that uses gasoline.
     Of course, I'm in the Communique this month, too, but I am definitely
NOT making a living from writing. While Mises (the site you linked to) pays
better than the Communique, it does so just barely. And all I can say about
Communique rates is . . . at least you can't withhold taxes from it.

Joe Potts

Miami, Florida USA

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My father-in law (retired, living in Tampa, Florida, Libertarian) likes to
send me political posts, etc.  Today he sent me this:

Imagine my surprise when I discovered he and I both read the same author -
but for different reasons!!!

Way to go, Joe!

Bill Hubbell

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