<VV> Chevy Corvair history

MarPack57 at aol.com MarPack57 at aol.com
Thu Oct 6 20:17:23 EDT 2005

Well after months of waiting,and a lot of shipper problems the Hippie van 
used by Chevrolet in the 1996 Venture ad has arrived. Although it has a few rough 
areas I plan to detail it as authentic as possible with period items, and 
leave a lot of it alone. Sort of a "60's patina effect"
   I must thank Mr Bill Savage the previous owner for being so patient while 
we sorted through shippers and also must thank Mr. Bob McNutt of KY who not 
only went to MI to get the van but kept it and stored it for me. To me this is 
what Corvair people are all about.
    Perhaps somewhere down the road I will do an article for the 
Communique.Meanwhile peace and love to all you ex-hippies out there.
    Ed in Florida

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