<VV> re;VV--full tank

tom zimmermann s10birdman1966 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 21:00:13 EDT 2005

Ray,it means you've lost ground...verify the gauge by unplugging the sender wire at the tank,jumper it to ground-preferably a spot inside,under the dash is good---gauge should go 'empty' with ign on;;;if the gauge responds ok,then connect the short ground wire to the same under-dash point;;;if it doesn't work,then either the sender has failed,thin wire-wound resistor inside the little metal 'box' the float arm pivots in,broken wire,,OR--the float is hung up,stuck at the top when you last filled it up...FWIW,I use an 8-finger ground tab,pirated from an s10 (under dash,up above left-side of steering column) screwed to the kickboard,like above the fusebox or near def duct,scrape the paint and use some never-sieze to protect from rust/corrosion..Tom Z/acorns

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