<VV> fuel pump question

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Thu Oct 6 22:51:42 EDT 2005

Hi Art,
This is a fairly common issue with new pumps.  One thing you can do is get 
longer bolts of the right size, to replace the 5 it has, from a hardware 
store with nuts to put on the back.  This 
gives it some more strength then the pot metal threads.  Keep the torque 
even. If it is a good 
pump, usually the leaks will stop.  I would lean away from 
overtightening as it might squish and tear the diaphragms, but 
even torque is what you want.   Personally I have a stash of AC 
original pumps and I think they are superior to aftermarket, but they are 
old and hard to get a hold of.
And ignore nasty ol' codgers who complain that something has been 
Geoff Johnson

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Arthur Landis wrote:
> If this is a question that has been asked to death, please indulge me because I'm fairly new here.  The last time I asked a question I received a derogatory and insulting reply because I asked something that had been discussed a lot in the past.

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