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Keith Hammett khammett at stainlessfab.com
Fri Oct 7 09:04:23 EDT 2005

There was some discussion on warped castings some time back.  You might have
one of these.  The fix was to take the pump apart and using a large file
flatten (true up) the gasket surfaces.

I don't see why you couldn't use locktite on the threads of the screws.

You might want to contact the vendor that sold you the pump for suggestions.

Good luck

Keith Hammett
Willard Missouri

-----Original Message-----
I have a '66 Sport Sedan with a freshly rebuilt 140.  My mechanical fuel
pump is 4 months old (2500 miles).  I've had to tighten the top screws on it
3 times because it starts leaking after a while.  Is this a common ailment
with mechanical fuel pumps?  Is there a cure?  Has anyone tried to take the
top screws off and put lok-tite on the threads?  Is there a good (better)
mechanical fuel pump to replace this "new" pump?  I don't want to go with an
electric fuel pump.

If this is a question that has been asked to death, please indulge me
because I'm fairly new here.  The last time I asked a question I received a
derogatory and insulting reply because I asked something that had been
discussed a lot in the past.


Art in Missouri
'66 Sport Sedan


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