<VV> My bad luck continues, or Why I won't be driving my Corvair this weekend

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Fri Oct 7 22:17:01 EDT 2005

Tomorrow am (Sat) I will be leaving Virginia Beach early in the am to drive 
to the CORSA NC Fall Corvair Affair in Raleigh, NC.  It now appears that I 
will be driving my Caravan, and not my 1964 Corvair Sedan (Alice), as I had 

Why, do you ask?  Because when I came home this evening I found I cannot 
raise the garage door.  One of the (very heavy duty) garage door springs 
that help raise the door has broken.  By the time I could get somebody out 
here to repair the spring the show would be over.  Since Alice is inside the 
garge, she isn't going anywhere real soon.

Oh well, it is raining anyhow.  I guess some things were just not meant to 

Bill Hubbell

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