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Fri Oct 7 11:54:14 EDT 2005

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A friend  here at work has been having an E-Mail exchange with someone 
about buying  a Mercedes which is located in London. The "owner" says the 
car is US  speck and can be imported for no duty. What would it cost to 
ship this car  to St. Louis and how long would it normally take? How 
would you go about  verifying that the car isn't stolen (it is a VERY 
good deal)?

Mike  Kost

Some other US regulations (smog/safety) may apply, depending on the year of  
manufacturer. My brother shipped a Mercedes from Europe to California - some  
years ago, his costs no longer apply - but it was a 1967 model. Later models  
have a bunch of other rules that apply. Be careful! - Even if it isn't a  
scam!  Seth

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