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David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Sat Oct 8 08:50:26 EDT 2005


They were several part #s involved over the years

The tooling for the unique Corvair rocker arms @ 1.57 ratio no longer exists

I have examined virtually all the rocker arms "cataloged" to fit Corvairs 

and sold by "other" Corvair Vendors = None are suitable for our use ! 


All of these SBC 1.5 & 1.6 ratio rockers just do not fit correctly;

they will wear the valve tip and more important side load the valve guide

- esp. the softer bronze materials. Some have slots that are too short and
or not wide enough - that gall and fracture the studs, etc. Some lack the
proper oiling feature ... squeaks and rattles, etc.


These are the same "other" Corvair Vendors that are still selling you
various SBC Lifters with grossly inadequate oiling and various other
problems.  Our Product Bulletin is available via e mail. I believe that
enough of you now know the differences and use only our Ultra Series Deep
Dimple Lifter in your "vehicles"; Please note we do not sell to the "other"
Corvair vendors ...  simply look for our labels and copyrighted


Your Choices 

1) Reuse original GM Corvair Rockers --- w/ new balls and nuts 

            ( make sure they mate together properly...  ) - a bucket may
yield a usable set or so.

            We can supply the proper sized ball plain or grooved and nut.

2) Purchase the currently available Harland Sharp aluminum rocker arms  w/
Poly Locks

            ( plus longer studs, stud girdles, taller valve covers,  etc.
total @ $,$$$ 

Reminder - these were not designed for constant use 

            - the aluminum bodies simply pound apart in prolonged street

3) Convince me to make more stainless steel roller tipped rocker arms
w/Timken trunions 

- engineered for constant "street" use -  please note it took a decade to
sell out last run 

- only $$$ w/ poly locks.

4) Support us - we could easily offer Corvair specific stamped rocker arms
with modern roller tips and long slots for high lift cams - that use stock
studs and valve covers

I have an OEM mfg. down to only +12,000 pcs. @ $$$ w/ poly locks.

3 & 4  would both be Made in North America.


The Source, Inc.

13975 Mira Montana, Del Mar, CA. 92014-3113

Telephone: 858/259-1520 (machine) Voice Mail and  Fax: 858/259-3843 

Web:  <http://www.corvairparts.com/> www.thesourceparts.com  E-Mail:
source at adnc.com



I just find it hard to believe that GM would have gone out of their way to
ever so slightly differentiate the rocker when the SBC rocker was so readily


The SBC rocker may have morphed into something different, maybe improved,
since the end of the line for the Corvair in '69....




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