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Yes, I do remember Hammer's deals involving Pepsi and Stolichnaya. Pathetic,
but the best there was in a bad time.
     If your government allowed nothing but the exchange of goods, how would
you get OTHER countries to allow their nationals to purchase plants and
technology? Technology isn't a tangible GOOD, or what DID you mean by "not
allowed anything but the exchange of goods between countries?" I don't like
governments fooling with my (and my investees') right to exchange whatever
with anyone they want. Not even yours. And Delphi DID build plants in other
countries, and operates them today, when they're the main thing keeping
Delphi afloat. Wasn't that what you were complaining about in the first
     I hate to tell you this, but NO ONE ever exported a job, nor imported
one. Employment gets reduced in one country and in some cases gets increased
in other countries in order to produce the same or similar stuff, but if
you're going to put on a Customs Inspector's uniform and stand at the border
to interdict a job on its way out, you're going to have a long, fruitless
wait. The entire concept of "exporting jobs" is pure demagoguery.
     A lot of foreigners possess a LOT of $$$$ already (over $600 billion in
China alone). If you want to know the good (and bad) reasons why they don't
spend them on American goods, just reply to this message.

Joe Potts
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In reply to Joe's concerns for my thoughts........

Had MY gov.  Not allowed anything but the exchange of goods between

Remember...during the Cold War.....Pepsi Cola was exchanged by Armand
Hammer[?]  for Schmirnoff Vodka!    The more we drank..the more they drank

If we want more Toyotas.....The Japanese get more American Beef!

NO foreign Exchange Deficit!  All....I mean ALL countries in the world would
most likely be busy producing GOODS to trade for other things...

American Business would've gotton just a rich by building all the
plants...selling technology....For GOODS not the $$$$ few possess....

Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Mr. DeckRug
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