<VV> Things that happen at night

Arjay Morgan n3lkz at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 9 00:58:21 EDT 2005

Here we all are, sitting at our computers doing Virtual Vairs things. Ever wonder what your Corvair is doing while it's sitting out there in the garage?
I'm convinced these 40 year old cars have developed wills of their own and probably have gathered around them a gaggle of gnomes and they all play at baffling games when we aren't looking.
Case in point. Last weekend we too the 64 Monza convert from here to Kissimmee with nary a problem. It was high speed all the way and the car gulped only a quarter tank of gas while cruising at 4,000 rpm and 70 plus miles per hour for better than an hour each way. She went into her stall and shut down just as nice as pie.
Today I decided to replace the second worn U joint. Car started, stopped and stayed that way. No amount of cranking and throttle jiggling would get even a gasp out of her. Gnomes.
Pushed the car into place, jacked her up, removed the offending axle, yoke and U joint. Then it began to rain and the floor of my garage became a pond. No place to work under a car, so I quit for the night, leaving the car looking like a dog about to piss on the floor jack. There it will stay until Sunday when the straightforward axle assembly will take about a half hour.
But no road test yet. Have to figure out why she won't start. Anybody got any ideas why a car that just ran so perfectly would get a case of the no-starts from just sitting there playing with her gnomes?
Arjay Morgan
64 Monza convert hors de combat.

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