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> Today I decided to replace the second worn U joint. Car started, stopped
and stayed that way. No amount of cranking and throttle jiggling would get
even a gasp out of her. Gnomes.
. Anybody got any ideas why a car that just ran so perfectly would get a
case of the no-starts from just sitting there playing with her gnomes?
> Arjay Morgan
> 64 Monza convert hors de combat.
The most common thing is that your fuel in the bowl evaporated .... if you
are very careful, and brave ... you can squirt about 8 drops of gasoline
down the primaries ( or , down the air filter-to-carbs tubes, with the top
of the central filter off.  )

The engine will usually crank over about 2 seconds for every  8 drops of
fuel .  Get the gasoline squirter about 50 feet away from your car when you
try this ... one mistake and it['s your house and maybe your face.... the
engine will be breathing the fumes of the drops; don[t over do the # of
drops ... you could easily create a backfire, might anyway ...

........ if the engine starts for a few seconds, that usually means your
carb bowls have dried out, and your mechanical fuel pump isn[t too good at
pumping air ...

If you take off the air arms, you can drip the few drops directly into the
primaries, and then you can also use some less volatile fluid, such as maybe
WD-40 ... the carrier is flammable ...   DO NOT use a buddie to help do
this, he could hit the starter while you are squirting the gasoline ... bad
bad bad .... pour the drops yourself, then run around and turn the engine
over , which also gets you away from any backfires ...

If it runs a few seconds, usually about the 2nd or 3rd round of this priming
will be enough to make the mechanical pump fill the bowls ...
I think the ethanol fuels evaporate faster than the pure gasoline.... my 110
stocker will usually have to be primed after 3 days of setting .... maybe on
your travels you filled it with an ethanol mix fuel??

Funny; back when I had my original '66 140 rig, I never used up a fuel pump,
or needed a prime shot, put about 50K miles on it in a year....  and it
would set 2 weeks at a time occasionally ....
also, I burn ethanol in all our cars, and tractors also,  they set for maybe
6 months at a time and don't need a prime shot either ....   ???  Maybe
about a 3/4 inch high insulating spacer under the carbs would keep them a
tad cooler.  Another thought for testing is to fill a cold carb (s) bowl
with fuel, and see if it evaporates all by itself .. ie, only a hot carb
evaporates ... ????  because a carb wouldn't remain hot for 3 days .. ???
something is strange here ...
just a thought.  oh, also you could do the spark test, or clip on a timeing
light on the plug wire, and also the coil out wire  .... it's either spark
or fuel, my Daddy told me.

regards ken campbell, iowa.

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