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> I wonder if there is a four-speed overdrive transaxle that could be
> to the Corvair engine relatively inexpensively...
> Padgett
Well, as usual, the real hard part is to define our goals .... do we want an
original corvair ( which we all agree goes fast enough for real people ....
and yes, will get 25 + mpg if tuned right,  ... )
Or do we want a completely modern trick car with everything, and go 71 on
the interstate just like our corvairs will, and get 27 mpg .... or better
..... and depreciate like ice melting, and get us no ego massaging attention
at the shopping center ...
...... or do we do the sneaky thing, in which the goal is to make it look
like a corvair, with a new heart and legs and Rapola-Speakers  etc. etc.
underneath the sheet metal, .....
a hard decision,  I guess I favor one of each of above (g) ...
over on one of the turbocharger forums there has been lately a good
discussion of the 4 banger nissan engines, check this out
especially the nissan SR20DET engine, which of course is available from
Watanabe etc. importers, with about 30 or 40 K miles on them .....  and some
of these were inline with 5 and 6 speed setups .....   note that the drag
ricer guys are getting 650 horses out of these, and claim they will live
forever at a paltry 300 horses ... that would make a nice street engine, for
real roads, I would use a big turbo side and get good mileage and... with 3
seconds of lag time ... 300 horses if I needed to pass a buick or something
In my searching, the most economical yet suitably radical thing I found to
to do is to put in the wimpy common iron duke with 5 speed transverse rig in
the back seat and keep it under 180 horses and 5500 rpm, and figure on about
100K miles with good mileage.  this would be a fun & light rig, and these
engines are almost free, even a crate new one ....

Just some thoughts on a frosty fall evening ... regards, ken campbell, iowa.

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