GM cars and gas mileage-was <VV> Delco goes bust (long) No Corvair

Mike Ioanes mioanes at
Sun Oct 9 11:28:04 EDT 2005

. After all, the only
> real economy car GM has in this country, the Chevrolet Aveo (Pontiac Wave 
> is not sold in the US) is really a Daewoo and the engine in good US 
> fashion is larger (and less economical) than those sold overseas.
Not arguing with most of Padgett's message.  I bought an '04 Cavalier almost 
2 years ago.  Since Katrina and the gas price jump, I've slowed down on my 
drive to work and am getting over 34 mpg for combined city and (mostly) 
highway driving.  It is a LOT bigger car than the Aveo, which I might have 
considered had it been available (or I had known about it).  Can't imagine 
the Cobalt gets worse mileage.  The automotive section of the local paper 
wrote up the Aveo yesterday and gave it good marks.  In order to get all the 
bells & whistles, like CD player,  power locks & windows, etc you have to 
buy the high-end LT.  Sound familiar?   I thought the Pontiac Vibe was rated 
at 34 mpg highway, which is even bigger at the same mpg as I'm getting.  The 
various Metros, which the Aveo is supposed to replace got LOTS better gas 
mileage, like over 40 mpg.
Mike Ioanes 

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