<VV> Re: New Muscle Machine Corvair Colors

Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Sun Oct 9 08:43:55 EDT 2005

I have not "as yet" seen these color variations available separately. I 
doubt they will, but could be wrong. there are several of these loose 
singles available on e-bay, but with postage costs you would be better off 
buying them in the set. And just think, 30 years from now that full set will 
be valuable!

I have been watching though, as I have seen several other muscle machines 
appear in several different larger scales and even as radio 
controlled..............but as yet I have seen no Corvair Muscle machine 
make the leap to larger scale.
Gary Swiatowy

> From: Bryan Blackwell <bryan at skiblack.com>
> Subject: Re: <VV> New Muscle Machine Corvair Colors
> Anyone know if the Corvair is available by itself?  I found several of
> these sets today, the other cars are kind of neat, but I really only
> want the 'Vair.
> --Bryan

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