<VV> Re: Delphi(NO CORVAIR)

Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Sun Oct 9 09:07:34 EDT 2005

The original post regarding Delphi needs some clarification. In it it stated 
that Delphi employees made $65 per hour. That is what they make including 
the cost of their health insurance, retirement, and other benefits. Actual 
wage is really around $27 per hour, still a great wage in my book, this is 
what long time employees make, in the last 4 years or so new hires only make 
$14 per hour, this was granted as a concession to stem the tide of red ink.. 
The problem though is in the last couple of days Delphi has stated they want 
to cut the current wage ($27) by 2/3 to $10 per hour! This would make their 
wages little better than most non-skilled jobs like Wal-Mart, fast food, 

Also, I live in Niagara County NY, and Delphi is the largest employer and 
taxpayer. This will be disasterous to our local economy as you know the 
local governments will continue to spend and raise taxes to cover it. Also 
put your self in the position of having your wage cut by 2/3.............now 
what! Sell your house, cancel your childrens college education?  This will 
be ruinous for thousands of people...............many of them friends who 
have worked their lives away at Delphi.

I tried years ago to get in there, but never succeeded.

Tried again 4 years ago while I was unemployed, found out that a lot of 
employees and even supervisors were "temps" working at $10 per hour no 

Gary Swiatowy 

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