<VV> Fanz -- more specs

JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Sun Oct 9 10:15:02 EDT 2005

If it made about 4-5 times the pressure, you MIGHT see a significant  
increase in air flow over the stock fan! Stack 'em up, folks....
In a message dated 10/9/2005 1:21:04 AM Eastern Standard Time,  
lechevrier at earthlink.net writes:


"If" I'm reading their info  correctly, this bugger blows 3665 cfm at 6" 
pressure ...

It is also  pricey.

No, I'm not trying to restart this thread, just additional  information 
for those that <are> interested.

Bill  Strickland


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