<VV> Garage Doors. No Corvair content

Ewell Mills emills5 at cfl.rr.com
Sun Oct 9 10:21:36 EDT 2005

To make matters worse, here in Florida for several years now all residential garage doors have to have Hurricane Braces on the door.  These add considerably to the weight of the door, and also the cost.  I don't have them on my garage doors, but that's due their being 15 years old or so.  Always wish they did when a Hurricane comes calling.  When they do come calling I lay a sheet of plywood against the door and back the car up until the bumper just touches the plywood.  What they do in Hurricanes is blow inward.  Happily what I have been doing is working thus far. (Still wish I had the braces...weight and all).

Cecil Mills
Cocoa, Fl.

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