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Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Sun Oct 9 11:20:02 EDT 2005

Just got back from the grocery store where I ran into one of my many friends that work at the Lockport NY Delphi plant.

Yes he is upset by the bankrupcy filing, and the possibility of a wage cut of 2/3. He states though it is a scare tactic just to see how much Delphi can get in the way of concessions.

Some things he did point out though that Delphi is a worldwide corporation, and only the US facilities are filing for bankrupcy. Supposedly they are not supposed to be separate. Another thing is that even though the workforce in Lockport has been halved over the last 10 years, there has been no reduction in the management team. And there is no talk whatsoever of management receiving any reductions in salary or benefits, only the hourly workforce.
Before the filing, upper management received additional items added to their "golden parachutes". So if the company does indeed close, at least management will be taken care of....................lavishly.

Immediate supervisors for several years have been of the "rent a pencil" variety. People supervisors who manage from a book, and have never been in a manufacturing facility prior to this. Usually provided by local employment agencies like Addecco which gets a cut of the hourly wage.

My friend also stated that quite a few of the "higher ups" in Delphi, have "experience" in bankrupcies, I have not verified this.

Gary Swiatowy

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