<VV> Delphi Update

Ken Wildman k-wildman at onu.edu
Sun Oct 9 14:00:32 EDT 2005

At 11:20 AM 10/9/2005, Gary Swiatowy wrote:
>Just got back from the grocery store where I ran into one of my many 
>friends that work at the Lockport NY Delphi plant.
>Yes he is upset by the bankrupcy filing, and the possibility of a wage cut 
>of 2/3. He states though it is a scare tactic just to see how much Delphi 
>can get in the way of concessions.
>Some things he did point out though that Delphi is a worldwide 
>corporation, and only the US facilities are filing for bankrupcy. 
>Supposedly they are not supposed to be separate. Another thing is that 
>even though the workforce in Lockport has been halved over the last 10 
>years, there has been no reduction in the management team. And there is no 
>talk whatsoever of management receiving any reductions in salary or 
>benefits, only the hourly workforce.
>Before the filing, upper management received additional items added to 
>their "golden parachutes". So if the company does indeed close, at least 
>management will be taken care of....................lavishly.
>Immediate supervisors for several years have been of the "rent a pencil" 
>variety. People supervisors who manage from a book, and have never been in 
>a manufacturing facility prior to this. Usually provided by local 
>employment agencies like Addecco which gets a cut of the hourly wage.
>My friend also stated that quite a few of the "higher ups" in Delphi, have 
>"experience" in bankrupcies, I have not verified this.

If upper management would work for $100/hr (over $200,000 per year) you 
would see that river of red ink turn blue.  These are the people who get 
$million + bonuses when the businesses LOSE money.  And they have the gall 
to complain about worker wages.


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