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NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Sun Oct 9 14:45:05 EDT 2005

As some of you may know, I'm heavily involved in street rods; I run a shop 
specializing in street rods and custom cars.  Over the last 10 years, I have 
NEVER seen a Corvair steering box on any one of them!  I don't know what the 
configuration would be that uses one - perhaps a bucket T with a four-bar and a 
beam axle.  The dominant configuration is an aftermarket rendition of Mustang II 
/ Pinto (Fox-body) suspension using a Mustang II rack and pinion steering 
system (and thats almost always the highly required power steering rack).  They 
days of using a Corvair subframe are LONG gone.  The "Heits" or "Fat Man" 
tubular-arm, 11" disc brake, Mustang II power rack combination is in 90% of the 
rods I see and work on.  I don't see many building bucket "T"s - they aren't 
practical cars and are limited to short-run, sunny day use.  Given the 
reproduction boxes that are available (in the required "reversed" form) I wouldn't worry 
about a relatively small number of original boxes going that way.  Use the 
money to buy Corvair parts you really need!
Craig N.

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