<VV> 110 HP engines for Airplane use prices

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 9 15:15:22 EDT 2005

Hey Gail,

I'm not in the business of buying and selling, but
I'll give you a gut feeling from the standpoint  of a
licensed A&P who's owned Corvairs since 1969.
If you want me to remove a 110, in unknown condition,
crate or pallet it for shipment and administer all of
it, that's $400.  If the engine runs, that's $600.  If
it has been CORRECTLY rebuilt for automotive use and
is in really good shape, that's $1400. Anything in
between is on a sliding scale.
These are ballpark figures based on the fact that the
engine and my labor are worth something, especially if
they further my own interests without a buyer
involved. ANY engine is going to have usable parts in
the crankcase, heads, oilpan, oil filter mount, valve
covers and other things that don't wear, and maybe
they can use other things like pushrods, cranks, cams,
Only a stupid cheapskate is going to risk their lives
by using old parts without thoroughly checking
everything out, as example, reinstall old conrods or
pistons without reconditioning them or using an old
crank without magnafluxing it for cracks and miking it
for tolerances.  To do so is sheer stupidity and you
just aren't responsible for that.
So charge what you feel it is worth. They get what
they pay for.  You don't walk into McDonalds and tell
them a Big Mac is only worth 80 cents. You don't walk
into a car dealership and tell them a new SUV is worth
$3k and expect them to take it.
If someone balks at the price, tell them to dig an
engine out of the junkyard, see what they pay and get
for their money and effort.  Basically, an engine
costs what it costs, regardless of what the buyer
expects you to believe.

--- Gail P Policella <gailvair at juno.com> wrote:

> Over the past year,  I have received over a dozen
> request for 110hp
> Corvair engines to be used in Airplanes.  Obviously,
> the populairity is
> growing.  I am told by Corvair airplane people that
> the going rate is
> $100-$300 per engine depending on the condition.  I
> think this is on the
> cheap side considering the owner of the 110 hp must
> remove it for the car
> (time and labor).  Is anyone else out there getting
> lots of requests for
> 110 hp and what is the going rate for running 110hp
> engines.  Several of
> our club members refuse to sell their engines to
> "Airplane guys". Just
> like the Steering boxes being sold to Street Rod
> people (At least the
> street rod people are paying top dollar !).  I would
> love to hear your
> comments on this issue.
> Thanks in advance.
> Gail P. Policella  Margate, FL

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