<VV> Fw: Looking for a running 110 from a 65 or 66 Car with a PG

Garth Stapon stapon1 at earthlink.com
Sun Oct 9 16:47:52 EDT 2005

This also applies to anyone on this list.

I am in no hurry.

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I am a Corvair guy and would happily pay a fair price for a complete running 110 engine and I can guarantee that it would find a home in my 1965 2 door hard top. (My turbo is coming out as a long term project)

If you know of anyone with a decent 110 power plant from a 65 or 66 tell them that you have a buyer if they are interested in selling at a fair price.

I especially would like it if it was attached to a PG - factory combination - and if that transmission comes with it in the deal, that is all the better.

(Given a preference I prefer a non smog 65 or 66 PG)

I would also be interested in a 66 no smog 110 motor  - with a 66 factory original 4 speed transmission.

I could pay for it now and pick it up at the Buffalo convention next summer or drive and pick it up any where in New England. 

Regards, Garth

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