<VV> Demand for 110 HP engines for Airplane on the rise

Brown, David David.Brown at bsci.com
Sun Oct 9 16:39:55 EDT 2005

We have gotten a lot of these requests on our club email site, starting
about 4 years ago.  I am certain something of substance was published
for the home built/experimental aircraft guys that they use as a guide.
I have spoken to a few who know absolutely nothing about Corvairs or the
engines, yet a typical request (their "Step #1") is as follows:

---> "I need a '65-'69 164cid, 110hp engine with an engine code of
RD,RF,RH,RX, or RK.  The turbocharged engines or the 140hp engines are
not suitable and it must not be seized up. It must have the #8409

I have sold 2 of them over the last 3 years, each for $100 apiece.  One
I got with a load of parts with no idea of condition or how many years
it had been sitting, and the other came out of my car.  It was running,
but smoking bad, plus it had a mystery timing problem which I figured
(correctly) was a camshaft installed incorrectly.  One buyer was a
Corvair person with his hobby changed to aircraft (he also gave me a
bunch of parts at no charge), and the other new nothing about Corvairs,
but is now seriously looking for a LM convertible to restore with his
son- and will join the club as well.  However, with all of the recent
requests, I don't even reply anymore- just delete.  It's a cool hobby,
but I would rather see the engines in our favorite cars.  The going
price, BTW, does seem to be $300, if it is not locked up.

Corvair Houston

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Over the past year,  I have received over a dozen request for 110hp
Corvair engines to be used in Airplanes.  Obviously, the populairity is
growing.  I am told by Corvair airplane people that the going rate is
$100-$300 per engine depending on the condition.  I think this is on the
cheap side considering the owner of the 110 hp must remove it for the
car (time and labor).  Is anyone else out there getting lots of requests
for 110 hp and what is the going rate for running 110hp engines.
Several of our club members refuse to sell their engines to "Airplane
guys". Just like the Steering boxes being sold to Street Rod people (At
least the street rod people are paying top dollar !).  I would love to
hear your comments on this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Gail P. Policella  Margate, FL
Chapter # 333  South Florida Corvairs
64 Deluxe Greenbrier with Dealer Camper Kit
65 Monza Coupe/ 66 Corsa Convertible
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