<VV> No gas pedal

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 9 16:51:11 EDT 2005

My Corvair almost left me stranded today.  I was driving down the road and 
the gas pedal went to the floor and the engine dropped to an idle.  I 
pulled into a parking lot and checked the engine compartment and everything 
is properly hooked up.  It was raining and cold at the time.  I then 
decided to turn up the idle screws and run the engine as fast as I could 
which was about 2800 rpm out of gear.  I then proceeded to drive about 30 
miles, mostly on the shoulder when there was one.   On the level I could 
get into 4th and do about 30 to 35 mph.  I learned roads I consider flat 
actually have a lot of up and down and since I had no torque, I had to use 
all gears.  I used 2000 as my shift up point and 1500 as my shift down.  I 
started laughing at one point, I was taking a back road home I was going up 
a hill which is probably 8 to 10 percent and I started down shifting every 
time the engine got to 1500 rpm until I was in first and right on 1500, and 
didn't have any more gears.  I got down to 1300 rpm at the top but it made 
it.  This back road I took for about 10 miles, about 7 miles it gravel with 
a 40 mph speed limit.  Washboarding put down by cars and trucks at 50 mph 
will just pound the heck out of you at 25 mph.

I got to fix the car this week, so I can take it to a joint Pikes Peak 
Corvair Club, Rocky Mountain CORSA driving event next weekend.  The first 
place I'll look is at the bell crank down by the transmission, if that's 
not it where is the next most likely place to look?


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