<VV> No gas pedal

Wade Halsey HiHal at adelphia.net
Sun Oct 9 17:05:44 EDT 2005

Dennis & Debbie Pleau wrote:

> I got to fix the car this week, so I can take it to a joint Pikes Peak 
> Corvair Club, Rocky Mountain CORSA driving event next weekend.  The 
> first place I'll look is at the bell crank down by the transmission, 
> if that's not it where is the next most likely place to look?

When I had that problem, it turned out to be a pivot attached to the 
sheet metal under the left rear passenger seat. The center of a LM air 
cleaner top provided the repair patch. The funnel shape of the center 
area around the hole was almost identical to the rusted out original 
sheet metal. This information should be in the archives.

If that isn't it, the next most likely would be the attachment to the 
bottom of the accelerator pedal itself.

Wade Halsey

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