<VV> Gas pedal Epidemic

Wade Halsey HiHal at adelphia.net
Tue Oct 11 21:17:46 EDT 2005

About a week ago we had a thread concerning accelerators suddenly going 
to the floor with the engine speed dropping  to idle. I even wrote a 
reply, part of which appears below.

> ---------the next most likely would be the attachment to the bottom of 
> the accelerator pedal itself.

Well, today it was my turn. My gas pedal went to the floor on a busy 
highway with two lanes shut down for construction. There was just enough 
room for me to pull over on the shoulder. The linkage seemed intact from 
the carb crossover back to where the accelerator rod enters the center 
tunnel. I disconnected the accelerator return spring and turned it 
around backwards so it hooked on the alternator mount. I adjusted by ear 
(no tach) to what I thought would allow me to keep up with construction 
zone traffic (speed limit 45 MPH). I misjudged on the low side by 15 MPH 
so I pulled over again and increased the RPMs. It sounded like too much 
but back in the construction zone it was right on at 40-45 on the level 
ground. I managed to do a U-turn in one of those "official use only" 
median turn arounds that the Highway Patrol uses and was headed back in 
the direction of my home still at 45. When I came into town, I 
considered adjusting the RPMs down but decided to control speed with the 
brakes for the last 4 miles to my home. Powerglide made this little 
adventure easier.

The culprit that caused all this-------a little "C" clip where the 
accelerator pedal connects to the accelerator linkage running through 
the center tunnel. I wire brushed the connection, bought a C-clip at the 
hardware store and put it all back together. Everything is back to 
normal here.  Anybody know what kind of rockers I should order? :-D

Wade Halsey

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