Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 9 20:55:07 EDT 2005

Joe --

So you would be thinking that the carbs may siphon dry back through the 
fuel pump?

It would seem if the needle & seat are above the level in the float 
bowl, which they should be on a regular Vair carb, that that would be an 
adequate siphon break to prevent this. I know of an old tractor that had 
this problem, but it had an updraft carb with the inlet below the fuel 

I have had similar experiences all summer, needing to use the electric 
pump to get things primed up, and was wondering if maybe it wasn't the 
fuel formulation lending itself to easier evaporation -- didn't used to 
have to do this unless the car had been sitting a while (weeks) but now 
it seems more like it is hours.

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