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LonzoVair at aol.com LonzoVair at aol.com
Sun Oct 9 20:58:40 EDT 2005

This is funny... my step dad has a 1986 Chevy Sprint, a little banged up 2 
door that has a rattle-can black paint job... has a little 3 banger in it, and 
he gets close to 60 MPG... he calls it the Rat... he bought it from his brother 
about 6 years ago for $100, and I keep him in parts (last thing he needed was 
an exhaust gasket, which I mailed to him)... he works about 50 miles from 
home, and where he works he gets filthy dirty... the car stinks, but it doesn't 
cost him much at all...
Mileage? The speedometer stopped working the week after he bought it, so its 
stuck at 97K... and it's the ONLY thing he drives to work... he changes oil 
once a month, and but brakes on it 2 years ago... and he's stuck 3 sets of tires 
on it...
It's a shame I can't fit in it, or I'd try buying it from him....

Lon Anderson in White Mills, KY
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1961 Greenbrier 110/pg, 
1963 Greenbrier 110/4spd.
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