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Russ Moorhouse corvair65 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 9 23:44:21 EDT 2005

This past weekend there was a large car show in Ocean City. MD.  This is a yearly thing and people start arriving on Wednesday and show ends on Sunday with many people staying till Monday.  All the cars coming from the west come through the six miles of route 50 that crosses our island so during this time we get to see a lot of nice old cars.  Today my wife and I traveled east on this road and saw a lot of these old cars heading west bound going home.
One thing we noticed, was that every old Mustang was being hauled on a trailer, but every Chevy, be it a Chevelle, a Nova , a Camero, a truck or an older full size Chevy was being driven.  There were also a number of other old GM brand cars also being driven.  Then I thought back to earlier in the week and I couldn't recall seeing any Fords being driven then either.  Most were Chevy's with some Pontiacs, Olds and Buicks, with a very few Mopars thrown in, but not one single Ford.

Now I'm not saying that probably there were some Chevy/GM cars in the numerous enclosed trailers that went by, but I would have expected to see a few old Fords on the road.

Anybody have an idea why Fords aren't driven??

Corvair Content:  I didn't see any Corvairs on the road either; not even mine.  I'm having back problems and I'm afraid that if I get in it I may never get out, plus the pain goes down my left leg and I don't think I could handle the clutch.

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