<VV> Fords vs. Chevys

John Hower jehower at comcast.net
Mon Oct 10 00:08:43 EDT 2005

This was antique auto show weekend in Hershey, PA, so we (as usual) got to 
see plenty of nice old iron both on the road and on trailers. While we were 
in the local restaurant Friday evening a '56 Ford wagon, turquoise and 
white, pulled in towing a vintage Scotty travel trailer, restored and 
finished to match the car. That was the only old Ford we saw on the road 
all weekend, including a trip through downtown Hershey Saturday afternoon.

Did see a LM Corvair 'vert for sale at a small used car lot outside 
Hershey. Thanks to Tropical Storm Tammy it was raining too hard to stop and 
crawl around the car, but it appeared to be pretty complete but in need of 
a lot of cosmetic work. No sign or anything else claiming that it ran...no 
price marked. Also saw a yellow LM 4 door for sale a few miles down the 
road from me on Friday. Appears to be decent body and paint wise. If anyone 
has any interest, I can get more info on either car.

John Hower
'64 Monza 110/PG

At 11:44 PM 10/9/2005, Russ Moorhouse wrote:
>... Anybody have an idea why Fords aren't driven??
>Corvair Content:  I didn't see any Corvairs on the road either; not even 
>mine.  I'm having back problems and I'm afraid that if I get in it I may 
>never get out, plus the pain goes down my left leg and I don't think I 
>could handle the clutch.

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