<VV> Fords vs. Chevys

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Mon Oct 10 01:21:38 EDT 2005

I was also at a show today.  Judged the '38 to '54 stock class.  Some were 
Fords.  ALL vehicles must drive onto the show field.  Do recall seeing one 
trailered Mustang.

At the end of the day, upon exit, I ended up sandwiched right in the middle 
of about 5 Mustangs for a few miles.  I did not let them intimidate me!

I was driving the blue vert - which, by the way, is for sale.

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Later, JR
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> This was antique auto show weekend in Hershey, PA, so we (as usual) got to 
> see plenty of nice old iron both on the road and on trailers. While we 
> were in the local restaurant Friday evening a '56 Ford wagon, turquoise 
> and white, pulled in towing a vintage Scotty travel trailer, restored and 
> finished to match the car. That was the only old Ford we saw on the road 
> all weekend, including a trip through downtown Hershey Saturday afternoon.
> John Hower
> '64 Monza 110/PG
> At 11:44 PM 10/9/2005, Russ Moorhouse wrote:
>>... Anybody have an idea why Fords aren't driven??

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