<VV> Turbo Hesitation

David Baker dbaker10 at twcny.rr.com
Mon Oct 10 08:56:36 EDT 2005


I have a '64 Spyder with the turbo engine. It runs well, starts 
well hot or cold, and don't seem to have some of the problems 
other claim to have with the YH carb.

The car does stumble or hesitate after I back off the throttle, 
then step on it again. It happens whether I'm in town driving 
slowly, let off on the gas to slow down a little, then ease into 
the throttle again, or on the highway.

There's just a little lag between the time I step on the gas 
again and the time the car starts to accelerate again. It makes 
the car jerk a little everytime it happens. I've gotten used to 
it, so I know it's going to happen.

The only other turbo Corvair, or any Corvair that I've driven for 
that matter was in the early 70's, so I have nothing to compare 
it to , so I don't know if it's "normal" or not. Is it because 
the carb is so far from the intake valves that causes the 
lag/jerk? Is this "normal" for a turbo Corvair, or is there 
something to look for to reduce/prevent this?

The carb is stock, I have a Pertronix I, .030 overbore, Otto 
OT-20 cam, Bosch W8AC plugs, Flamethrower coil, Silicone plug 
wires. Thanks for any suggestions.

Dave Baker 

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