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Mike Kost vairmike at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 10 09:11:23 EDT 2005

That sounds to me like normal turbo operation. I have not had a Corvair 
turbo but I even get some of this on my Duramax turbo diesel truck. On 
the Corvair I would expect it to be even worse with the stock system.

Mike Kost

David Baker wrote:

> Everyone,
> I have a '64 Spyder with the turbo engine. It runs well, starts well 
> hot or cold, and don't seem to have some of the problems other claim 
> to have with the YH carb.
> The car does stumble or hesitate after I back off the throttle, then 
> step on it again. It happens whether I'm in town driving slowly, let 
> off on the gas to slow down a little, then ease into the throttle 
> again, or on the highway.
> There's just a little lag between the time I step on the gas again and 
> the time the car starts to accelerate again. It makes the car jerk a 
> little everytime it happens. I've gotten used to it, so I know it's 
> going to happen.
> The only other turbo Corvair, or any Corvair that I've driven for that 
> matter was in the early 70's, so I have nothing to compare it to , so 
> I don't know if it's "normal" or not. Is it because the carb is so far 
> from the intake valves that causes the lag/jerk? Is this "normal" for 
> a turbo Corvair, or is there something to look for to reduce/prevent 
> this?
> The carb is stock, I have a Pertronix I, .030 overbore, Otto OT-20 
> cam, Bosch W8AC plugs, Flamethrower coil, Silicone plug wires. Thanks 
> for any suggestions.
> Dave Baker

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