<VV> Smart (no Covair)

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Oct 10 13:18:05 EDT 2005

>Actually, Smart announced nearly a year ago that they would bring in a  Smart
>car but it isn't the little square tail car we know.  It is a bigger,
>different car.

That was last year. MCC has now pulled the plug on the "ForFour" which was 
really a Toyota. The original "ForTwo" seems to be on line for a fall 2006 

There have been a number of "grey market" conversions (side markers, gas 
tank, window glass, more interior padding, etc.) to meet DOT and EPA 
requirements primarily by GK in California and marketed though Zap 
(http://www.zapworld.com/about/news/news_surge.asp )
but so far not many have been done. The other source is a few cars that 
have been brought into the US from other countries but those were mostly on 
a "one year only" exemption and those driven in with Canadian or Mexican 

Is a long and somewhat sordid tale.


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