<VV> Re: HELP !! -- Changing wheel/axel studs on a LM

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Mon Oct 10 13:21:38 EDT 2005

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Has  anyone ever changed rear wheel studs without removing the wheel spindle  

I have just popped them out with a hammer. Never a problem. The replacement  
stud installation depends on the length. I just installed the 3" ones 
available  from Moroso onto my 65. (The Moroso studs have a nice lead diameter before 
the  threads.) The front install was easy. Insert the stud, stack greased 
washers  over it, invert a normal lug nut and impact/pull the sucker in. On the 
rear, the  hole in the flange was decidedly smaller than the front. You couldn't 
tell  visually, but the same studs were much harder to pull into place than 
on the  front hubs. The problem you may find on the rear is finding enough 
clearance  behind the flange to get the long stud into the hole in back of the 
flange. I  was converting to disks, so I had no brake backing plate interference, 
and it  was still tight around the bearing casting. If you are just going to 
the 1.75"  long Corvette studs, this shouldn't be a problem. - Seth  Emerson  

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