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The late  '65 /'66 long shaft box has the U-joint quite high on the shaft.

What  u-joint is this? Maybe I am forgetting something, but, except for the 
teleys,  I recall a steering box on one end and a steering wheel on the other 
for those  looong shafts. If you think about them enough, you drive like every 
idiot on  the road (including one's self) has a hardened steel spear pointed 
right at  your heart. Great safety device, imo. So much for LM engineering  ...

Don"t get too uppity on the long shaft 65's!, Bill! - All 1964  Corvairs (the 
epitome of earlies?) had the same long shaft "feature" plus a  shallower 
wheel for "Chest Contact".
The reason that Ken referred to the late 65-66 steering box as a long-shaft  
box, was in relation to the 1960-63 and 67-69 "really-short shaft" boxes. The  
Flaming River boxes are the same shaft length as those, and need some 
adapting  to fit into any 64-66.  - Seth  

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